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Keta Kiwi and yours truly E.J. Greig at our sister station WIZF in Cincinnati had the honor and pleasure of speaking with the Braxtons earlier today, as they are on a promo run for season 2.5 of the Braxton Family Value. The show kicks back off tomorrow at 9pm on WETv. We spoke with Momma Evelyn, Traci, Towanda and the lovely Trina (my favorite Braxton sister). Listen to what the girls had to say about the upcoming season:

Part 1:  The Braxton’s Sisters “There’s Alot More Drama” On New Season

Part 2: Braxton Beauty Secrets

Special thank you to the ladies for calling-in! You can watch the new season every Tursday; the show premieres tomorow at 9pm on WETv. You can also follow the sisters online @TheBraxtons. Don’t forget to mention this story @1011WIZF!

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