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Nature. What are you doin? Nature. Stahp! We tip our hats to all the not normal sights of the world. NOT NORMAL.

1. Red Tides

Red Tides

No, this isn’t a screenshot from Ghostbusters II. Red tides occur when algae rapidly accumulate in an area of water.

2. Foxfire


Also known as “fairy fire,” this phenomenon is the result of naturally occurring bioluminescence in some species of fungi found on decaying wood. Even the forest needs a night light.

3. Columnar Basalt

Columnar Basalt

These typically hexagonal columns are formed from a relatively rapid cooling of lava flow. Aside from looking awesome, columnar basalt makes for one mean game of hopscotch.

4. Fire Rainbow

Fire Rainbow

Circumhorizontal arcs, or fire rainbows as they’re commonly known, is an optical phenomenon caused by plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds or when magical ponies fly through the air.

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5. Haboob


Haboobs (insert childish giggling here) are a type of intense dust storm that occur in arid areas around the world.

6. Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds

It’s so fluffy! Mammatus clouds consist of many groupings of lobes on the underside of a cloud and are usually a sign of a coming extreme weather system.

7. Rainbow Bark

Rainbow Bark

There’s no need to adjust the color on your monitor. The bark of the rainbow eucalyptus sheds at different times, thus creating a wide range of different colors as the bark matures.

8. Light Pillars

Light Pillars

Light pillars are typically created from the reflection of light in ice crystals in the atmosphere or when Scotty beams you up.

9. Firenadoes


And you thought regular tornadoes were bad. Popularly known as firenados or fire tornados, fire whirls typically form during wildfires and can be strong enough to uproot trees.

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10. Blue Holes

Blue Holes

Typically circular, blue holes are created by underwater sinkholes and are totally not secret gateways to another dimension consisting of nothing but cupcakes and brownies. These holes appear deep blue because the color blue isn’t as readily absorbed in the water as other colors of the light spectrum. READ MORE