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COLUMBUS, Ohio—A former Ohio State football player is suing the university.

Joe Montgomery played for the Buckeyes from 1994 through 1999 and filed a lawsuit against the university.

The lawsuit has to do with the medical records that were given to the NFL when he started his professional career.

His medical records, Montgomery said, claimed he had high blood pressure. He claims he did not have the condition—only normal blood pressure during exertion.

When he contacted the university to change the diagnosis, Montgomery claims they refused.

Montgomery said the diagnosis cost him money at the end of his career when he filed for worker’s compensation—as many players do.

“I had to settle it for a lesser amount, OK, because of my impairment rating,“ Montgomery said.

The impairment rating reflects his alleged high blood pressure in the Ohio State medical records.

When asked for an estimate of what the rating cost him over his career, Montgomery said, “I don’t like to assume. I would assume it was a lot of money. I would say millions.“

The university responded Friday by saying, “We do not believe that we did anything improper and disagree with the claims in the lawsuit.“

Spokesman Jim Lynch also said, “We have been in contact with Joe and his attorneys to provide further clarification about his records and we are disappointed that he has decided to seek legal action.“

“Disappointed? What else am I to do? If you’re 33 years old, you’re disabled, OK? I have a hard time getting out of bed every single morning because of my disabilities and you go to your university asking them to correct their mistake only for the university to come back around and contradict themselves in a letter,“ Montgomery said.

Montgomery said hypertension in his medical records kept him from being a higher pick in the NFL draft.

The records were made more than a decade ago, so why is it just coming to light?

Montgomery said he didn’t know about it until last year.

(Courtesy: NBC 4 Columbus)

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