How many of you look forward to  cooking Sunday dinner after church? Know that Sunday dinner is a time when the family all gathered together in one spot and share a meal and, conversation about their life, their week, and plans.  Sound familar?   This Sunday, “Celebrate Family”!  Here is a great tip to make Sunday meal a special family time.  Sunday Dinner Recipe- Shrimp Creole Style!  Ingredients: large shrimp, creole seasoning, hot sauce, olive oil, worctershire  sauce, pepper, butter, garlic powder/salt, add the ingredients to a boil.  Pre-heat oven 375 degrees lay shrimp out on a a rimmed baking sheet and pour the sauce over the shrimp, squeeze a lemon add pepper for taste bake 10 minutes, remove, turn, and bake another 15 minutes until shrimp is cooked.  Spoon the shrimp into a platter pour the sauce over the shrimp and add green onion for taste.

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