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The Daily Mail interviewed Johnny Depp, and buried at the bottom of the article was the revelation that Depp plans to spend millions of his own money to return the land, Wounded Knee, in South Dakota, to Native Americans.

The site, the scene of an 1890 massacre, is up for sale for $3.9 million. Local Native Americans say they cannot afford to buy it. Depp is outraged and wants to help.

“It’s very sacred ground and many atrocities were committed against the Sioux there. And in the 1970s there was a stand-off between the Feds (Federal government) and the people who should own that land. This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back. Why doesn’t the government do that?”

Depp had personal motives for signing up to play Tonto in The Lone Ranger. He is fiercely proud of his own Native American heritage. This was an opportunity to make amends to the way Native Americans have been portrayed in film.

“I was told at a very young age that I have some Indian blood – God knows how much, but it’s there. It’s part of me.

History is in the hands of those who get to write the books, as they say. And until you grow up and read about the true facts that’s the stuff they teach you in school.”

Will he be able to purchase the land?

“I am doing my best to make that happen. It’s land they were pushed on to and then they were massacred there. It really saddens me.” SOURCE

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