The summer is only a few weeks old. But it already feels like we’ve heard way too many stories about parents leaving their kids unattended inside of hot cars. What do we have to do to get these people to stop? Leaving a child alone in a hot car in the middle of the summer is dangerous, folks. STOP DOING IT!

One of the more bizarre stories about a child being left unattended in a car this summer involves former NFL playerMonty Ray Grow. Grow—a linebacker who played for the Chiefs and Jaguars back in the 1990s—was arrested in Clearwater, Fla. recently after he left a 3-year-old girl inside of his car by herself while he went into a strip clubcalled Diamond Dolls. It’s unclear what his relationship is with the girl. But one thing that’s not unclear is that Grow is a complete idiot for even thinking about leaving the girl in his car during a strip club visit, much less actually doing it.

Grow has been hit with a child abuse charge and will have his day in court sometime in the near future. Fortunately, the girl was not injured during her time in the car and is back with her mother now. But Grow still deserves to get the book thrown at him for trying to pull this stupid stunt.


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