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Imagine giving birth to four babies, and although they were all born the same day, you couldn’t call them quadruplets. Crazy talk. Logan, Mason, Porter, and Connor were born on the same day, and by the same mom, Sabrina Negus of Tilden, Neb., and turned out to be triplets “plus one.”

“This is two eggs, four babies,” Negus told KTIV of her unusual pregnancy. In a typical quadruplet pregnancy, there are four eggs, one for each baby. But in the case of the Negus brothers, three of the boys turned out to be triplets, having shared one placenta, and the fourth boy, Connor, developed separately in another egg. This is incredibly rare, and pretty extraordinary, I must say.

“Sabrina’s pregnancy was one in a million,” Negus’s perinatologist Dr. Todd Lovgren told the Omaha World-Herald in back January after this miraculous birth. “In fact, there have been fewer than 100 pregnancies of this type reported in the United States.”

One can imagine just how surprised Sabrina and her husband, Lucas, were over her ultra-rare pregnancy. They had originally anticipated twins but discovered the two other babies during an ultrasound. Finding out your load has doubled is scary enough as it is; imagine what she must have felt like knowing what the odds were in having triplets and one completely separate baby, at the same time!

“I was a little shocked,” Negus, who had undergone fertility treatments after several years of trying for a baby, told the World-Herald. “Lucas couldn’t believe it. I just laughed.”

With doctors deeming her pregnancy incredibly high-risk, she was hospitalized for 11 weeks before doctors decided to deliver the foursome early to ensure the babies’ health. The Negus boys were born at just 31½ weeks on Jan 8th by cesarean section, with the help of 33 members of medical staff in two operating rooms. All babies were born healthy and screaming to everyone’s delight, and relief!

“It’s nice to have healthy babies,” said the new mom. “It was a scary and stressful pregnancy. It was one that had its ups and downs, but when we heard them crying at the delivery — it was a very good sound.”

Although they are juggling endless diaper-changes, baby-feedings, and multiple cries and wails throughout the night, everyone is healthy and happy, and life is beautiful.

“They are absolutely healthy and you could not ask for anything more than that,” Negus said. SOURCE

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