Meet Naomi 2.0…can she hold a candle to Ms. Campbell?

Model Jazzma Responds To Criticism Over Relationship With Vladimir Dornin

Earlier this month, supermodel Naomi Campbell and her long-time billionaire British boo-thang Vladmir Dornin announced that they were “taking a break.”

Shortly after, serial swirlin’ Vlad was caught on camera coupled up with yet another model misses by the name of Jazzma who apparently faced some backlash for choosing to date outside of her race.

But she didn’t take too kindly to people slandering her seaside swirl session with Vlad and clapped back with a few “nice” words:

We’re starting to get a feel for this guy’s type: sun-kissed, bangin’……and with a temper!

So, who is this Naomi mini me keeping her very recent ex-boo thang’s attention? Hit the flip to peep a few more pics of Jazzma and see if you think she can hold a candle to Ms. Campbell in the modeling department… SOURCE

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