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I just knew Columbus was going to be in the top 5. We are definitely in the top 10. But when it comes to the cities that are most suited for entrepreneurs, have a better job market, and better social scene, TAP has the answer. Check out the story:


Innovation is a term that economists still struggle to define when trying to quantify and qualify growth as well as change and evolution in the business world. In a way, there is no simple and direct measure of innovation but here at TAP, we’ve taken a shot at outlining our own criteria for innovation and compiling a list of the five most innovative African-American cities in the U.S. Our ratings systems consists of the city’s entrepreneurship rates, social brand, and political leadership. To be fair, we’ve included employment rates in the ratings, and subtracted points for low African-American unemployment rates. The following American cities, in essence, foster creativity, entrepreneurship and act as centers for positive African-American growth.

Cities were ranked based on Entrepreneurship, Social brand, Political Leadership, and Employment. Even though these rankings give you insight on what cities may be right for you, it’s still disturbing to see some of the statistics for unemployment among African Americans. To see the results READ MORE

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