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Ladies and gentleman have you ever wondered why a married couple’s relationship has worked for so many years? Well it’s probably not what you think. Instead of listening to your single friends you should listen to the audio below and let “The D.L. Hughley Show” help you out with the top ten myths that can ruin your marriage.

Part 1.

Part 2.

D.L.:  As promised, the Top Ten Relationship Myths That Could Ruin Your Marriage.

10. If you are in a good relationship you will receive as much love as the love you give.

               D.L.:  That is a lie!

9. Happy couples don’t fantasize about having sex with other people.

             Steve:  Hey, don’t answer that one.

8. Talking is the only communication that can fix problems in a relationship.

          D.L.:  I think that and probably shopping sprees and being gone a lot.

7.  Sex should be spontaneous to be good.  Planned sex kills desire.

          Steve:Hey, let’s do it behind our psychiatrist’s office.  (Laughter)

6.  The more couples communicate verbally the better their relationship.

JS:  Is that a myth?

D.L.:  All right, Jazmine, lay them on me, the Top Five Myths That Can Ruin Your Marriage.

5. As men and women get older they become more stuck in their ways and are harder to change.

             Steve:  I think that’s true.

4.Pursuing your individual needs is incompatible with making a couple relationship work.

             D.L.:  That’s a myth because I think only by pursuing your individual goals can you come together as a complete unit.  I think you both have to be fulfilled and satisfied in your own endeavors.

3. When couples argue it destroys the relationship.

            D.L.: Yes, it probably hurts for a little while, but make up sex is spectacular.  Plus if you make a woman feel guilty enough she’ll do all kind of freaky things.

2. Two people in a good relationship would automatically grow closer over time.

          D.L.:  To have a good relationship in anything you have to work on it.

1.If I left this relationship I could find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

               Steve:  Yeah, the grass is never greener on the other side.

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