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Here’s a different kind of story:

Robert Terrell (not his real name) received a four-year athletic scholarship at a Big Ten Conference Division I school. After a helmet-to-helmet collision on the field, Robert was shaken up so badly he decided a career in football wasn’t for him. An academic star as well, he wanted to pursue his major at the university that had welcomed him with open arms and assured his parents they wanted only the best for him. When he dropped football, his scholarship money ended, even though his parents wondered if his head injury was impacting his decision-making.

When asked if she thought players should get paid, Robert’s mom says she felt a four-year free ride, plus the $1,000 a month stipend her son got was fair. But she also thinks that there are other ways the schools can aid student athletes and families, like making funds available for family visits when student/athletes attend school out of state.

I’ve been trying to wrap this blog up for days but every time something new unfolds. Monday night’s NCAA tournament ended with University of Connecticut’s victory over Kentucky. UConn’s star guard Shabazz Napier told reporters recently that he goes to bed hungry some nights in spite of the millions of dollars being made off of him.

Now that we’ve got the face of a champion who is living what most of us are writing and talking about, we might just have a movement!

Years ago I heard a sports analyst lay out a great idea regarding a payment plan for players. He said money could be put in a trust that will only be available after athletes finish school. If the student/athlete gets hurt? Then they get the money that’s accumulated, but not until graduation. Students that don’t graduate get nothing and the money goes back to the school.

I’m just a DJ, so it isn’t my job to figure out how they can come up with an equitable way of compensating student athletes. I only know that it’s got to be done.

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