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mimi and nikko

When we first heard about Mimi Faust’s sex tape with her opportunistic boyfriend Nikko London (not to be confused with Nikko Smith), we were shocked…OK, who are we fooling? We totally saw it coming. Come on people, they’re reality stars, they love the camera. Why not bring it in to the bedroom, accidentally leak the sexy footage and capitalize in more ways than one? Sure, Mimi and Nikko lost some integrity they’ll never get back and have to explain it to their family and children but when the chatter dies down and the check clears, Mimi’s bank account is going to reap the benefits (not to mention, ratings for season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are going to go through the roof).

Because we support Black love (catch the sarcasm), we volunteered as tribute to watch the steamy home video and brave the depths of Mimi’s womanhood that are so elegantly displayed for the world wide Internet to see.

We’ll be forthcoming, the 30-second trailer on WSHH is way better than the actual film. Seriously. Whoever edited the “Mimi & Nikko Scandal In Miami” teaser deserves a raise.

If you haven’t dropped the five bucks it costs to see Mimi’s insides, Black Twitter reviewed it for you:

And there you have it…

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