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Beyoncé and Jay Z shared some special moments from their life during On The Run, including a video of the diva’s baby belly!

Is this enough proof yet? People have been dubious about Beyoncé’s pregnancy ever since she revealed it during the 2011 MTV VMAs. In the court of public opinion, she most likely had a surrogate deliver babyBlue Ivy, and there is pretty much nothing that can change the mind of non-believers. Even after she featured a pregnancy video in “Life Is But A Dream” showing her baby belly before Blue arrived, a lot of people still don’t believe she carried that child.

Despite the naysayers, Bey and Jay shared more footage of her baby bump in their mash-up of “Forever Young” and “Halo” during the HBO broadcast of On The Run. There on the screen for millions to see was their first family photo during the “Halo” segment that was all about little Miss Blue.

Bey and Jay may not speak on their relationship much, but they do create music about it—or at least they use it as the soundtrack for the family movie montages.

It was the second huge milestone in their relationship that fans were privy to during the show. Before popping up a pic of the diva, her baby bump and the rapper, Bey and Jay shared video from their super exclusive wedding.

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