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Sherri Shepard’s estranged husband Lamar Sally is spilling the tea on his marriage, split and being a sudden single father.  Sally also revealed pictures of newborn son, Lamar Jr. that was born via surrogate after the couple split.

Sally claims that Shepard will not even acknowledge their baby.  Lamar J. was conceived with sperm from Lamar and an egg donor.  Therefore the child has no DNA from Shepard.

‘But while the surrogate was pregnant Sherri decided she wanted to get a divorce.

‘I was absolutely floored by that but then she decided she didn’t want the baby either

‘Sherri told me, “it’s your sperm, not my egg so it’s YOUR baby”‘

‘It was like she had ripped my heart out of my chest, this was not the Sherri I knew and not the woman I fell in love with and married,’

As far as Sally being on welfare, Shepard’s name isn’t on the birth certificate of the child and will not cover the baby on her insurance.  So Sally enrolled in  Medi-cal, California’s welfare program to receive insurance for the baby.

Sally must not have had a “no talk” clause in his prenuptial agreement because he event went in great detail about his marriage and relationship with Shepherd and her son Jeffrey (pictured above) from her previous marriage.  He also revealed the first public pictures of son Lamar Jr. To read more and see the pictures click here  Or to see Sherri’s side of the story click here

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Source: DailyMail