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Move all the way over gun-runner Jeremy Meeks (pictured right), there’s a new criminal in town who is even hotter than you: Sean Kory (pictured)! The Internet went bonkers recently after Kory’s mugshot was leaked, when the Santa Cruz, Calif., man was arrested for allegedly attacking a reveler dressed as a Fox News anchor who was enjoying the festivities at the city’s annual Halloween parade, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Police state that the 29-year-old, dreadlocked Kory approached his victim and yelled, “I hate Fox News!” before snatching the person’s microphone prop and rubbing it on his crotch. Kory then allegedly struck the victim with an aluminum tennis racket and took off down the street.

Police were able to apprehend Kory not long after the alleged attack.

Kory, who was also arrested back in 2008 in Gainesville, Fla., for marijuana possession, has been compared to Meeks, 30, who raked up an entire legion of fans when his mugshot hit the Internet. Even though Meeks was facing a federal charge for firearm possession as a convicted felon, it did not seem to matter to those modeling agencies that were scrambling to sign him nor the others who longed to pay his bail.

Wonder what’s in store for Kory besides a court hearing?  Perhaps some major film offers?


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