There’s a Detroit woman that has hairstylist upset because she is stealing weave!  Not the bag of weave but getting her hair fried dyed and laid to the side only to skip out on paying the bill.  How is she doing it?  She get’s her hair done and then claims that she needs a little more cash for the bill and is going to run to the ATM never to return again.  Now I can see how stylist are falling for this thief’s tricks because sometimes this happens.  However customers usually return with the extra cash.  One stylist even claimed that the weaved up robber even left her purse behind!

So the upset stylist have now taken to social media to put the weaved up robber on blast!  The social media uproar caught the attention of our Detroit sister station Hot 107.5 and they stepped up to pay the bill for the weaverunner.




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