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Halle Berry has hauled her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry back into court over their daughter Nahla.

Go, Team Natural!

The “Extant” star believes that her former love is trying to whitewash their bi-racial daughter, and she’s NOT having it! reports that Halle was heated when she found that Gabriel was straightening their daughter’s hair, bleaching it, and adding highlights without her permission.

Halle thinks that the only reason he is doing his is so that 6-year-old Nahla won’t appear to be Black in any way. She was so ticked with how her baby girl’s natural curls were being transformed that she took Gabriel to court today.

The actress herself wasn’t there for the legal proceeding, but her lawyer Steve Kolodny was onhand this morning. He and Gabriel appeared before a judge, who decided that neither Halle nor the male model could alter Nahla’s natural hair.

Now, the former couple must let Nahla’s hair grow as is by court order. There’s no word on whether Halle will be giving Nahla the big chop to keep the look of her hair consistent, though.


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