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Actor Columbus Short’s last appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show didn’t go so well and he was fired from Scandal soon after. Fortunately, he has rebounded with a starring role in Fear Files, premiering tonight on TV One.

His well-documented issues with his estranged wife Tanee McCall Short including alleged domestic violence and his own admission to alcohol issues may have temporarily derailed his career but he’s trying to get back on track. But does he feel he’s been unfairly picked on?

“I think that I allowed people to control my emotions. I think I allowed people to control my emotions sometimes. I used to. When you allowed people to control your emotions, i.e., me calling you a ninja last time we did the interview….11 months ago or a year ago, I was in a real fog trying to make sense of my life. I probably prematurely got out in front of it before I should have because I wasn’t mentally ready to handle all of that yet. I should have dealt with my personal life was instead of trying to salvage a career that was going to go the way it was going to go anyway.”

Short says after the TJMS interview, which took place directly after last season’s Scandal finale aired, he was physically and emotionally tired.

“After our interview – I was trying to do a good thing and I was not in the right mind space to do that. I had to sit down,  I had to leave L.A., I had to get away from old places, people, things, people I used to hang out with, places I used to go, I couldn’t go there anymore. I wanted to change my life and the only way to change it was to remove myself from the environment I was  in,” Short says.

Short says losing his gig on Scandal was definitely a wakeup call. One of the show’s most popular characters, he was killed off last season, though in circumstances that might potentially mean he could return.

“When you look up and your job is gone and that’s what the world is balancing your credit on and who you are as a person on that’s one thing. But when you lose your home and your child and visitation… I’m a father, that’s one of the most important things and the best thing I am is a dad. So losing that is real eye-opener to what’s going on.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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Columbus Short Has New Look On Life, Admits Issues, Talks New Role On TV One’s ‘Fear Files’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com