Did You Know Ne-Yo Slept In His Car For 6 Months? [EXCLUSIVE]


Before Ne-Yo became the celebrated songwriter and musician he is today, he hustled to get noticed by music’s most prominent executives.

During an interview on InterludesLIVE, Ne-Yo revealed to host Smokey Fontaine, “It took me a good 12 years to get to that point. To the point of being in LA Reid’s office, sweating like a slave trying to figure out how I was going to impress this man.”

He added, “I recall sleeping in a van for 6 months. I recall driving from Las Vegas to California, in that same van, parking that van in front of Capital Records and standing on top of that van with me and the guys from the group singing songs trying to get people to notice us.”


Source: Rachel Murray / Getty

It’ been a long journey for Ne-Yo, who released his sixth album, “Non-Fiction” earlier this year to rave reviews. Watch him talk about his journey to the project on Interludes when it airs this Saturday, Saturday, March 28 at 10pm/9c on TV One!

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