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Black woman on an airplane

Source: Peter Cade / Getty

It’s been a complaint now for years that TSA Officers have been searching women with big hair traveling. In particular black women wearing a natural fro or extensions. Even singer Solange sounded off publicly about getting her hair searched in 2012!

Well thanks to two women, one who happened to be a lawyer, now women do not have to be humiliated or have their hair touched or rubbed when traveling.  Malaika Singleton and Novella Coleman both filled complaints about their hair being searched.  Coleman was told that hair is searched that is deemed “abnormal”.  TSA soon replied with an email reading

“MB (Multicultural Branch) will also commit to conducting an onsite training at LAX, subject to coordination with TSA LAX leadership, during the 2015 calendar year. In addition, even though TSA does incorporate nondiscrimination principles into its regular training, MB will work with the TSA’s Office of Training and Workforce Engagement to make certain that current training related to nondiscrimination is clear and consistent for TSA’s workforce. Furthermore, in light of recent concerns, MB will diligently work with TSA secured airports and monitor them for consistent implementation of DHS and TSA policies. MB will specifically track hair pat- down complaints filed with MB from African-American females throughout the country to assess whether a discriminatory impact may be occurring at a specific TSA secured location.”



Read the entire email here