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Drinkos an Ohio based alcoholic beverage deliver service is about to start servicing Columbus residents offering beer, wine and spirits!  According to the Dispatch, “The company has operations in Cincinnati and Dayton, active since May 21, and hopes to be up and running in Columbus by Thursday, said Rachel Ennis, vice president of marketing for Drinkos.

“People are very excited to not have to leave their house to get their favorite beverage.”

How do you get this service?  Customers will log onto the Dinkos website place an order of $30 or more and in 60 minutes or less your order will be delivered to your front door!  A service charge of $5 will be added to your bill but I think that is a very minimal fee to pay for this service.

The service is already in Cincinnati and Dayton.  Service in Dayton goes till midnight but hours of operation haven’t been announced for Columbus.  In addition to to alcoholic beverages Drinkos will deliver cigars, snacks and energy drinks if you order them much like a convenience store.

Drinkos also has a smart phone app for it’s users.  According to 614 Magazine service is slated to begin in Columbus today at 4pm.