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Dear Tom,

I am one of the pastors at Word of Faith Christian Ministries in West Palm Beach.  I have known Carnell and Taketia Olofin as cherished members of our congregation.    Over the last 5 years, Taketia has been battling cancer.   It started as breast cancer and then it metastasized to bone cancer.   They have a family of 8 kids ranging from 5-15.

From the time I have known both of them I have seen them endure this difficult journey and seen them try to be a blessing to everyone else.  During this difficult time they have gone without water or lights and kept it to themselves.

For the first time in 5 years I thought for a second that Carnell was going to fall apart.   Taketia has remained strong through it all even though her activities of daily living has greatly diminished.  The truth of it all is over the last couple of months Carnell has heard she has 2-3 months to live.

Carnell has been laid off from his job—he has watched the love of his life health decline and it’s almost as if he has become a single dad.  one of the things that makes him a man of integrity is 3 of her kids are not biologically his, but emotionally it makes little difference to him as he devotedly cares for each one.

The reason why this wish is so important to me is because I can’t help them myself.   tom, because of the great work you do I wanted to reach out to see if you can help the olefin family with  rent, a mobility scooter to aid Taketia and some of their everyday bills that are adding to their burden.   Taketia’s eyes need to see that her family will be ok.

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