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Jonathan Tureau was down on his luck after being robbed outside of his apartment in Houston, Texas. The thieves drove off with not only his car, but his wallet, rent check, cell phone and important documents.

Tureau lost all hope of getting any of the items back but luckily for him one newspaper delivery man named Lezell Coby found his $750 cashier’s rent check and his important documents, tracked him down and returned the items to Tureau.

According to Houston’s ABC 13 , the two met at a gas station and Coby returned the missing items. The gesture really touched Tureau, he explained, “It’s very weird having your entire life going for you and in the blink of an eye have it taken away. It also shows you how a random stranger can lift you back up in the worst of times,”

We hope Mr. Coby is blessed for his good deed!

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(Photo: Screenshot ABC 13)

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