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Power Season 3

We’re more than halfway through the third season of Power and things are heating up in this week’s episode “The Right Decision.’ In fact, hard decisions must be made and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost (Omari Hardwick) reunited, must make them. The first is taking out Lobos (Enrique Murciano) who has become their common enemy. While Ghost and Tommy are scheming, with a little help from Sandoval’s (David Fumero) guy who doesn’t know Tommy has switched sides, they plot to hijack the prison transport and get Lobos.

The Feds, meanwhile are patting themselves on the back that Lobos has been caught, captured and so they think, turned. Ha! Angela (Lela Loren) is happy to be rid of the case, thinking that she and Jamie can somehow put all the drama behind and live a happy life. This woman needs a hard, cold drink of reality, doesn’t she?

Tasha (Naturi Naughton) has been drawn into the plan to ensnare Lobos by providing her ex-husband with an alibi. She’ll accompany him to the lavish hotel that Karen Bassett’s (Ivana Milicevic) family owns and pretend he’s around while he’s out helping Tommy off Lobos. She also thinks that she’s broken up Tommy and Holly when she doesn’t get any response to her texts. When she tells Ghost she knew she shouldn’t have advised Holly to tell Tommy about the baby, Ghost’s stunned expression is a sight to see. Maybe he does have a heart under those tailored suits. Doubt it, though.

After some very acrobatic dining room table sex with Angela (do these two EVER have an off-day?) Ghost gets ready for the hit. He and Tasha, playing the role of his devoted wife, check into the most fabulous hotel ever on a TV show. While holding up Ghost’s alibi, Tasha has to also return Ghost’s texts, all of which are lovely dovey ones from Angela. Thank God she and Ghost aren’t into pictures.

Once Lobos is in the prison transport van with Greg (Andy Bean) it’s going so well at first that Lobos does a little flirting, throwing his leg over Greg’s. Lobos is a funny guy. But of course, despite multiple Feds watching from the office and an escort, the transport is hijacked and Lobos is freed. But not by the folks he’s expecting as he’s swiftly captured by Tommy and Ghost. They take out everyone else in the now-aborted transport, except Greg, who takes two to the chest but is fortunately wearing a vest.

Although Ghost and Tommy fumble through the Lobos murder, (which adds a note of realism since you can imagine that drug-related murders might not always go as planned) Sandoval distracts them by calling Lobos, though they quickly destroy the phone before they figure out who called. Cell phone tracking, yo. Tommy and Ghost finally manage to kill our favorite drug lord. Lobos out. Dang, man, we’ll miss you. (If you want to see Murciano in a totally different role, check him out on Bloodline on Netflix. We have a feeling Murciano, too, will miss playing crazy ass Lobos.)

Back at the office, poor Greg can’t catch a break. Angela is worried that Jamie was behind the hit, Sandoval is worried that Lobos might not be dead and is coming after him and the Feds are worried that they’ve lost yet another high-profile client. Nobody seems to be too worried about Greg, who caught two bullets to the vest and a case that’s now going nowhere. But here goes Saxe, nobody’s favorite coworker, who sees that Angela is upset about Greg’s shooting and that Greg may get some sympathy sex out of it. To be such a nosy-ass, he’s sure missing a whole lot going on behind the scenes.

Back at the hotel, Ghost shows up cool AF, but after today’s murder, he’s got even more problems. Tasha has found the separation papers. Though she has some words with him, she’s already signed the papers. Good thing, because Ghost reminds her that if he should go down, so will she. He’s right, but when he tries to climb into bed with Tasha (the nerve of this dude) she lets him know that even just sleeping next to her ain’t happening, cap’n. The next day, she shows up as Mrs. St. Patrick again for Ghost’s meeting with Bassett and her father but lets them know she’s gotta get back to the kids. Tasha’s done as much as she’s doing this week for Ghost.

Ghost heads back to Truth and let me just say, he’s about to get a truth he wasn’t expecting. Earlier in the episode, he tells Dean, who, if you remember saved his life by intercepting the Jamaicans even though it was against orders, that he no longer needed him to be his personal security. Wow, ungrateful much? Seems Dean has other plans. He confronts Ghost in his office and while Ghost is wondering just where Dean got the cojones to get all big and bad in his club, Dean drops the bomb of the season. He’s not just a security expert with a knack for being in the right place at the right time – he’s Milan, the vicious leader of the Serbian drug gang, members of which Ghost took out in the baths.

Say WHAT????

There’s this little thing called Karma that always seems to catch up to Ghost when he least expects it. And here it is. Milan forgives him for the murder of his colleagues but there’s the matter of the product Ghost owes them. Well, without a supplier, how’s he supposed to recoup? Guess he’s got a new boss. Tommy isn’t too thrilled about this, especially since Dean/Milan’s security access means he’s got all the goods on Ghost and everyone he knows.

Talk about boxed out. Tommy tells Ghost that he can pretty much kiss Angela goodbye since now Milan will have her in his gun sights and probably do ugly things to her before he kills her. He tells Ghost that its time to – as he used to say – cancel Christmas on her ass. Instead, Ghost breaks up with her. An anguished Angela ends the episode in tears and Ghost, outside her door, is distraught as well. But he gets over it quick, mans up, straightens up and walks out, ready to figure out how to face the latest challenge of his ever-complicated life. Men. They can sure compartmentalize. Tommy, still upset over Holly, heads to the dark, deserted spot where she was buried by Ghost and brings the engagement ring with him. Awww, Tommy. Don’t you know by now, love is a losing game?

Quote of the Week: “Seriously, bitch, ain’t you got a job?” – Tasha

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