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NewsOne Top 5: North Charleston Settles With The Family Of Walter Scott, Ben Carson Won’t Admit POTUS Is A “Real Black President” Either

Source: NewsOne Screenshots / NewsOne

Late this afternoon, a hung juror slid a note to the judge stating” he couldn’t vote for a conviction and would not change his mind.” Walter Scott was pulled over in an AutoZone parking lot in 2015 by officer Michael Slager and was shot to death running away from the officer.12 jurors, 11 white and one African American, deliberated for 22 hours over 4 days and was deadlocked last Friday. The judge claimed a mistrial and thanked the jurors for their work and service. Slager was also charged with  civil rights offenses related to the shooting; trial begins next year. “Injustice will not prevail….He will get his reward,” Judy Scott said in a press conference shortly after the decision.

Michael T. Slager

Source: Charleston County Sheriff’s Office / Charleston County Sheriff’s Office


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