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Albert L. Ortega

Bello Sanchez, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant has come forward saying the he was raped in a Paris nightclub, only to be given very little help by local police. He believes it is because of his race and sexuality.

Sanchez told TMZ that the assault took place on January 30th, and said in a self-taped video. “Look for that person, Paris is so easy to find someone, all the buildings are the same color, there’s not really a lot of place you can hide at.” Adding, “Why did they not look around in that moment as soon as they came when I told them? Why didn’t they do that? Why didn’t they ask the security guards?”

Sanchez also said that he thinks the investigation would have gone very differently if not for his race and sexuality. “I do think if I was a little blonde white girl in Paris saying that that happened to me I think things would have been different, yeah.” He also stated that he believes his race and sexuality played a role, “I think my skin-tone, I think my gender, my sexuality, how I look, I think all those things had something to do with why I was not given the proper respect that I deserved. That’s what I believe”

Sanchez believes that going public will prompt an investigation. We hope he is right, and that his alleged attacker is punished for their heinous crime.


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