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Trump supporters think that #AllLeVarsMatter so much, they didn’t fail to include Reading Rainbow host and actor LeVar Burton, in Twitter battle with Donald Trump over comments he made about famed basketball dad LaVar Ball.  LaVar Ball trolled Trump this past week on twitter after his son UCLA basketball player Liangelo Ball was  caught and jailed in China while Trump was visiting the Chinese president.  The twittersphere went crazy on Reading Rainbow host  not knowing it was the wrong person they were attacking. Tweets like this:


 You got the wrong person dummy. @levarburton is the reading rainbow and star trek guy, @Levarball is the basketball guy who you trumpers are pissed at. And your profile says educated. HA!

Burton eventually said something: 

 @levarburton One of many sleights I am having to endure these days. Thanks! @Lavarbigballer#bydhttmwfi


Here’s is some nostalgia for you….

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