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10. Go vegan or organic & start reading the ingredients on everything.

Just keep this in mind–clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. I hate when people ask me what do I eat when I say I’m vegan. I eat food. Duh. And no–I don’t just eat fruit and veggies all day. I go to Chipotle. I eat beans and rice. I make nachos. I make pizza. I make bread. I make fresh-cut french fries. And so on. Vegan essentially means not eating any animal products, like dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt) and meat/seafood (chicken, beef, pork, veil, bison, fish, shrimp). That’s it.

Another part of the lifestyle I like to live is reading the ingredients on everything. And you should too.

A lot of the chemicals they put in the food today I don’t know what they are, let alone, how to pronounce them. When I used to eat at fast food joints and restaurants, and say I ordered a hamburger, I thought I was getting just that–100% hamburger. Wrong. There are about 15-20 fillers and chemicals in most fast food burger joints. That doesn’t even include the bun (probably another 15-20 fillers and chemicals), the cheese (another 20), the sauce (another 10-15), and the fries (another 15-20).

That’s crazy. One meal, could easily contain almost 100 fillers and chemicals. It’s no wonder a lot of Americans are overweight, tired, and constantly in need of medication.


The owner of Ty’s Conscious Kitchen helped me turn the average boring vegan meal into a 5-star meal that even my kids love. You should definitely check out his website.

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9. Go to the gym at least 4 times per week.

Doesn’t really matter where you go–just go. A gym has its benefits especially in the winter time when it’s too cold to run outside. I’d recommend doing at least 30 minutes cardio on the treadmill every time you go as a starting place, and then trying out other equipment from there.

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