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Pam Grier Portrait Session

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Guess who is working on her biopic? None other then the beautiful and talented legend, Pam Grier! The original Foxy Brown. The biopic will be an honest look into Grier’s personal life, including her past with sexual abuse and and her love life.


Richard Pryor And Pam Grier

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

Grier was known to date a few famous people in her heyday like, NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabar, who proposed to her but wanted her to convert to Islam.  There was also comedian Freddie Prinze, who she considered marrying as well, but his drug addiction changed her mind. And of course,  the great comedian/actor Richard Pryor, who was also a drug user, that quit for 6 months but relapsed because he didn’t think he would be funny with out it. Jay Pharoah has already been cast to play Pryor. This should be a very interesting story. Will you watch?


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