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Ceaser from Black Ink Crew

Source: VH1 / VH1

Congrats to Ceaser of Black Ink, he is expanding his empire. Ceaser currently has 2 tattoo shops in NYC and one in Atlanta. He is has just announced that he is opening his 3rd venture in the “City of Brotherly Love”, Phillidelphia!


We wonder who he is going to get to run the shop in Philly. Maybe Walt will finally have a chance to run a franchise since Sky is already in Atlanta. Ceaser is on the cover of Vulkan Magazine where he opens up about actually missing his former friend Puma. He wishes that Puma was there for the glow up.



He also spoke on his relationship with ex girlfriend Duchess being aired on televsion, he said, ““I don’t have any regrets about putting my relationship on camera. Sometimes you see only one aspect of a man on TV being a dog. And I really did try. I tried and I failed at it. It’s not that I’m scared to do it again but, I just won’t do it again.”


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