Um, we need to have a word with you, Killer Mike.

Now let’s get this out the way, rapper and activist Killer Mike has been on the forefront on many issues plaguing the black community. He was on the front lines during the Ferguson riots, Baltimore riots after the death of Freddie Gray and has always used his music to educate and uplift.

Now we have that out the way, what was he doing hanging out with the folks at the NRA? Mike sat down to do an interview explaining why he stands with the NRA and why he told his kids to not attend any marches about gun control.


So where was the NRA when Philando Castile, who was a legal gun owner, was gunned down by the police? Yes, black people like any American has a right to own a gun under the second amendment. However, the NRA has historically chosen to ignore that right for people of color and have made white people fear us into owning guns for protection. Not to forget, the same people who gunned down people of color are the same people who are backed by the NRA paying for court fees, legal fees, etc.

Many on social media had to speak to the brother about his decision to have this talk on a toxic platform.


We say this with love but you tripping Mike.

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