So we just want Jay Z to take the DNA test already! 24 yr old, Philadelphia raised, Rymir Satterthwaite, is claiming in his court documents that Jay Z is his father. He says Jay Z and his mom Wanda had a fling during the early days of Jay’s rap career.


Rymir and his legal guardian, who is also his godmother , are accusing Jay Z of using money and status to avoid taking a paternity test for over eight years. They even accuse their own lawyer of being in alliance with Jay Z’s lawyer to help Jay avoid his alleged responsibility.


Rymir said, “Whenever you have people with lots of money against ordinary people it’s going to be a fight – but I believe the system was more on his side than on my mine and I didn’t get a fair due process in court. I never got my chance to talk…It got pushed to the side and basically now I walk around and everybody’s looking at me and saying ‘he’s chasing Jay-Z, he wants money, he’s trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.”


He added, “This never about money for me. My whole thing was just to see who my father was and honestly I get my own money. I work two jobs, I take care of my own business…I’ve got a positive family behind me that helps me with everything I do. It wasn’t like I needed anything. I just needed closure and I wanted respect from the courts. Just like everybody else goes in there and gets respect and gets a fair, due process. Why didn’t I get that? Why did I just get brushed to the side?”

Could this be Jay Z’s son? Your thoughts?




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