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Silverback Mountain Gorilla, Democratic Republic of Congo

Source: by Marc Guitard / Getty

The Columbus Zoo is welcoming Zahra, a baby gorilla, into their surrogacy program!

Zahra ,who was born at the Milwaukee County Zoo a year ago, lost her parents in April. Milwaukee County Zoo decided to transport Zahra to the Columbus Zoo, because she needed to have a surrogate mom, a “tolerant” male, and other females with offspring.

Chuck Wikenhauser, the Milwaukee County Zoo Director, spoke on the decision to transfer Zahara, “This is really the best option for Zahra, and we’re excited to see her start a new chapter in her life, and set her up as best we can so she continues to develop into a fully functioning adult gorilla. The Columbus Zoo has an excellent reputation for surrogate-raising gorillas, and will serve as the best, supportive home for Zahra’s growth, development and long-term care.”

Until Zahra is introduced to her surrogate mother, she will be under 24/7 care by the staff at Columbus Zoo.

Source: 10TV