Tamar Braxton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Towanda Braxton, Tamar’s sister, has called out an Delta airlines pilot for harassing Tamar and accusing her of being drunk. Towanda posted a video of Tamar on the plane and the pilot talking to her about her behavior. Watch the video below:


Apparently, a flight attendant notified the pilot to come and have words with the singer. Towanda posted the video toher page with the caption that read, ” @tamarbraxton got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while black on Delta. Wow! I guess being a diamond and double million miler don’t matter… @delta Shame on you… #WhyArePeopleSoMad #flyingwhileblack #smh.”

Tamar complies with the pilot, then whispers to her neighbor that she did not do anything wrong. They both then agree to leave the plane before take off.

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