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Nicole Brown and OJ Simpson

Source: Gary Leonard / Getty

O.J. Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo, is saying that Simpson did murder Nicole and Ron and he didn’t act alone, according to


Source: ISAAC BREKKEN / Getty

Pardo is releasing a documentary that will feature investigators who can prove that Simpson committed the murders -with an accomplice and he claims that he has more than 70 hours of video of Simpson that nobody has seen.  He told the publication, “For the first time, the most thorough investigation into the murder ever conducted will be shared with America. We have assembled a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers And they believe they can not only prove Simpson was involved in their deaths — but for the first time reveal he had at least one accomplice.”

The series will be pitched next week to streaming services, cable and premium networks to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the homicides of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.