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Riddle me this, would you stay with a compulsive cheater for the sake of your GROWN kids?

Today on Sam Sylk’s Reality Hour Rewind a listener wanted to know should she stay with her cheating husband for the sake of the kids and Sam gave her a bit of reality that she may not wanted to hear.

Dear Sam

I’ve been married for 23 years to my college sweetheart. Three years into the marriage, he cheated on me. We separated for a year and after talking, we got back together for our then 3-year-old. He cheated again eight years later on a boys trip but again we reconciled for the sake of our now two kids. I recently came across evidence he’s cheated again. Our oldest child is now about to graduate college and youngest is about to graduate high school. My husband has been remorseful for his infidelities but I can’t get once a cheater always a cheater out of my head. He also tries to blame me for his issues and he says that the only reason he cheated on me is because I don’t have “enough” sex with him. I am ready now to file for divorce and I’ve told the kids about his infidelities because I wanted them to understand the reasoning for the divorce. I am totally checked out of the marriage and he wants to try to salvage our relationship again for the sake of our children because he never had a father figure growing up and he is furious that I told the children. Am I wrong for my actions or should I try yet again for the sake of the kids?

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