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Detail of a fuel gauge

Source: Caspar Benson / Getty

It’s the day most Ohioans dreaded!Ohio’s new heightened gas tax law went into effect at midnight Monday. This new law raised regular unleaded fuel prices 10 cents higher for every gallon pumped into your tank. It’s even higher for diesel fuel at 19 cents per gallon.

If it was up to Governor Mike DeWine, the prices would be even higher. DeWine wanted to see an 18-cent tax increase but Ohio’s legislature would only approve a 10.5 cent increase. According to, DeWine says the money is needed to fund road and bridge repairs across the state, for which the Ohio Department of Transportation said it would have no more money without a change.

The new tax is expected to pump $70 million into state coffers each year. Many are worried about how this price increase can affect their pockets, especially those that drive for a living.

Will this increase affect your holiday travel?