If you when big while gambling but you owe for unpaid child support, then don’t count on seeing those winnings. The state of Ohio is continuing efforts to recoup unpaid child support from gambling jackpot winners, with $10 million brought in over the past five years. The Department of Job and Family Services says more […]


The Ohio Department of Transportation is very annoyed with people that litter and they say it’s costing the state millions of dollars to clean up. Estimates put the number at around $40-million dollars over the last 10 years. ODOT spokesman, Matt Bruning, said, “”It’s just ridiculous. This is a problem year round and all over […]


If fishing is your thing then get your rods and bait ready because Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) of Wildlife is bringing back its free fishing event.   According to MyFox28columbus.com, the weekend of May 4-5 will be Ohio’s free fishing weekend. The weekend does not require anyone 16-years-old or older to obtain a […]


Go Columbus!! Business is booming here in Central Ohio, out of all the cities in the nation, Realtor.com put Columbus Ohio at the tippy top of the list for the hottest real estate markets in America. According to Realtor.com, the slowdown in big cities has indirectly benefited housing markets here in the Midwest. We outranked big […]

We all know that Earth Kitt is not one to play with but Jackee’ Harry learned that the hard way! During an interview, Jackee’ explained that Eartha Kitt once slapped the entire sh&t outta her for sleeping with her man.     A fan started the interaction with a Twitter post saying, “what’s the most […]

Despite what reports are saying, Oprah is not backing down from her stance in supporting “Leaving Neverland” after the timeline discrepancy has been revealed. Oprah explained in an interview that she is not wavering, saying, ““I have not wavered. You know why I have not wavered? Because I’ve had girls at my school who were […]

It’s Here!! Disney has released the first full trailer for Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of the 1994 animated classic The Lion King. It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Watch it here…..     The movie promises to take the audience on a journey to the African savanna where a future king […]

The Great Dr. Maya Angelou’s story is heading to Broadway! Reports say a one-woman show about Maya Angelou’s life is currently in the works and will be heading to the stage.     According to VIBE, the production will be titled, Phenomenal Woman: An Evening With Maya Angelou, and will reportedly draw from the late author’s […]

And it don’t stop! R. Kelly’s Sony Music royalties have been seized to pay off a large debt. Kells stopped paying on that Chicago studio that he was renting and they want their money now.   According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly’s former landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding recently issued a subpoena to […]


Do you use a teeth whitener with hydrogen peroxide? Ads for teeth whitening products are just about everywhere lately, and many of these whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide. Can long term use do more damage than good?   According to the DailyMail.com, Stockton University researchers found that teeth whiteners that contain hydrogen peroxide actually damage the […]

With gas prices steadily rising everyone is looking for a way to save at the pump. So, what is the best day of the week to fill up in order to save a few coins? USA Today reports the best time to fill up on average is Monday morning, and the worst day to do […]

After 27 seasons of fights and Jerry beads, “The Jerry Springer Show” was canceled this past summer, but you won’t miss Jerry for long! Springer’s new show called, “Judge Jerry” will debut this fall, according to TheJasmineBrand.com. NBCUniversal Television Distribution announced that “Judge Jerry” has been sold in 99% of the U.S. for its fall […]