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It’s officially over for Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter, their divorce is final. TMZ has the details of their divorce decree. Check it out below:

TMZ says that the former couple has decided on how they’re gonna split their assets. The former couple’s Livingston,NJ home that they put up for sale will be split down the middle. Wendy gets to keep the home they have in Florida that her parents live in and Kevin gets to keep the proceeds from a home he owned and recently sold in Morristown, NJ.

Meanwhile, the two owned equal shares of their production company, and Kevin will sell off his part of it to Wendy. She’ll be the sole owner, but she’s paying him a lump sum and a severance package. The amounts are confidential. Wendy gets to keep all of the furniture, except for one sculpture. Wendy will still pay for Hunter’s health insurance and will maintain a $1 million life insurance policy that will go to Hunter in the event of her death.

According to E! Online, neither will receive alimony.  Kevin gets to keep his Ferrari and his Rolls Royce. Wendy and Kevin were married for over 20 years.