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Columbus State Community College announced in a public statement that they will be removing the massive statue of Christopher Columbus from campus.

“In taking this action, we are being mindful of societal change and forward movement,” said Columbus State Board of Trustees President Anthony Joseph. “We do not seek to erase history, but to make an intentional shift in what we visibly honor and celebrate as an institution. This is the first of many steps in what will be a lengthy journey as the College seeks to build on and improve our ongoing efforts toward broadened diversity and inclusion.”

The statue is one of the many that have come under fire by Black Lives Matter protesters demanding they be removed because of the insensitivity to many races and cultures.  No word if the City of Columbus will be removing any other statues around town.

Read CSCC full statement here

UPDATED:  June 17th, 2020 8:30am

Just hours after the announcement of the pending removal of the Christopher Columbus statue on the campus of Columbus State Community College the statue has been vandalized.  Sometime overnight words were written all over the statue and on the ground around it.  CSCC has stated that the statue will be removed within two weeks and a panel is being put together to determine what piece of art will replace it.

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