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The burning question that no one has an immediate answer to is, how to handle schools reopening in the fall amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Federal, state and local officials are still trying to figure that out and parents, students, and teachers are anxious. Meanwhile, only 10% of Americans feel that schools should fully reopen in the fall according to a new survey.

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Some, including President Trump, are calling for full return to five-day-a-week in-person classes, most people don’t feel that way. According to the Associated Press, NORC Center for Public Affairs did a new poll that found that only some 10 percent of Americans that schools, as well as daycare centers and preschools, should reopen this fall as usual without restrictions.

Most think there need to be face masks required and other safety measures, and about 30 percent thing there shouldn’t be children in classrooms at all. The majority, 46 percent, think schools can reopen with major adjustments necessary, which 14 percent think schools just need to make minor adjustments.

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Many of the country’s largest school districts have already said they’ll be do teaching entirely virtually or use a hybrid model that has kids in classrooms just a couple of days a week. Sixty percent in the poll say they believe the hybrid model is necessary, and majorities say it’s essential that buildings be disinfected daily, temperature checks and face masks be mandatory, and desks be spread apart if schools reopen.

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