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Meghan McCain’s political views and overall attitude keeps her in the hot seat on The View. The Conservative columnist, author, and talk show host is currently under fire for sporting Black-inspired hairstyles while spewing the rhetoric that people are being hired because of race and gender over qualifications and characteristics. Tiffany Cross, journalist, television personality, political analyst, and author, clapped back in a way that might have temporarily silenced the mouthy daytime talk show host.

During an episode of The View, McCain argued that race and gender has become more important than the content of your character, making it a very “slippery slope”. She also added that The View has a history of lack of representation. She said, “We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host host this show. Does that mean one of us should be leaving because there’s not enough representation? We’re talking about — is identity politics more important than the qualifications for the job?”

Kind of hard to take McCain seriously as she sits with a Fulani-inspired center braid and teased ponytail. Her brief history of flaunting classic Black hair trends that set her apart from her View co hosts. Once she became aware of the hoopla, she decided to address the critics by saying, “I’m just having fun switching up, plating around and experimenting.” Some people who are unfamiliar with her urban styling are calling her choices eclectic. Others are pointing out the obvious.

In a now viral response to McCain’s views on identity politics, MSNBC’s Cross Connection host Tiffany Cross verbally annihilated McCain in an intensely elegant way. She pointed out that McCain’s only talent is “benefiting from nepotism and black hairstylists”; she explained that the origin of the term identity politics came from feminist Barbara Smith and it was meant to articulate the “Black women’s struggle at the nexus of race, gender and class oppressions.” McCain has since taken the meaning and changed it to her liking. Cross continued to air her out by saying, “But just like with hairstyles, Meghan, we’ve watched you take it, twist it, braid it, and loc it so it benefits the warped presentation of your own clumsy and ill-informed thoughts.”


“Now let’s address this preposterous notion that somehow being a woman of color suggests that you aren’t qualified. I actually understand why you may feel this way, perhaps you assume that a person’s ethnic identity may afford them some advantage. It’s called projection, when one unconsciously ascribes traits that you don’t like about yourself and attribute them to someone else. Like, I don’t know, if my only talent was who I was related to, I may assume that everyone else had some similar, unfair advantage,” Cross continued.

Cross is one of the many political analysts using her platform to speak out against people like McCain who continuously ignore their privilege while speaking about Black issues. She started as a White House intern, before serving as the Social Secretary for Barack and Michelle Obama. She is currently the host of The Cross Connection on MSNBC.

Following Cross’ response to McCain’s comments on identity politics, McCain decided to go offline from social media, but not before giving her final thoughts. On Saturday she tweeted, “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is not to engage or give attention to thirsty people looking to use me simply to get clicks and attention. A lot of “pundits” on BOTH sides seem incapable of getting it for their straight commentary so they attack me.”

McCain’s political views make it a bit harder to be accepting of her hairstyles. Her opinions don’t usually benefit the Black and Brown communities, which is why people are offended that she would style her hair in ways worn by Black women. She can scream ignorance to the origin of the styles, or claim she was simply “experimenting” but her admiration for Black culture and disdain for Black lives have conflicted for far too long. In any case, McCain is unbothered. “It’s covid and I just had a baby, let a b*tch live!” she tweeted.



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