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June is Black Music Month, so to celebrate we took a trip down memory lane to bring you 10 of the greatest music movies/ biopics ever made.

Let’s get this started with…

The 5 Heartbeats

Was it only me who thought that “The 5 Heartbeats” were a real group? Whether they were real or not, “The 5 Heartbeats” were based off of real life situations and characters in the music industry. The story line consists of two brothers who find themselves in love with the same woman, a lead-singer addicted to fame and drugs, and a record executive out to get all their money. “The 5 Heartbeats” is inspired by groups like The Temptations, The Dells, and The Four Tops.

Watch the BEST scene in the movie. Eddie Cane goes in on “Is There A Heart In the House?” I cringe every time!


Sparkle was inspired by “The Supremes (Sister is Diana Ross) and released in 1976. Set in Harlem during the 50’s Sparkle, Sister, and Dolores found themselves catapulted into stardom after performing at a nightclub. Drugs, abusive men, and jealousy ensued soon after and caused the soulful sisters to break up.

Check out their famous red dresses!

The Temptations

The Temptations as a group are considered the best of the best, and so is the movie. An all star cast with a big budget to match! The Temptations movie was full of drama, some death, and lots of drugs(which seems to be the common factor here) that causes major damage within the members.

Watch the clip where the whole Temptation reign started:

What do you do when you want to be famous? Steal a “gangsta’s” identity, grab some friends and pursue your career in rap. That’s what Chris Rock did! CB4 is a satire of the rap business and music industry, from the ho*s to the fake music video sets.

“Did I mention before, that I can dance?”

Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

Bad a** teens with great voices plus Whoopi Goldberg equals an inspirational movie! Before Lauryn Hill went crazy and Ryan Toby joined City High they were hitting high notes in this classic.

Don’t you just love when Toby hits that last note!

The Jacksons: American Dream

Wasn’t watching Michael Jackson play with rats and monkeys so very amusing(maybe not)? Nor was watching a pretend Joe Jackson beat his kids with switches. What made it such a good movie was that it let us in to the life of the man we all love (Michael Jackson) though. The movie made it clear that the Jackson’s lived a life not so glamorous.

The Wiz

Michael Jackson, Leena Horne, Diana Ross, and Richard Pryor all in one movie- now you know it was going to be great! Motown set out to remake “The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz” with an all black cast adapted from a 1975 Broadway Musical.


Was I the only  one tired of Ray Charles being featured on everyone’s music tracks after this epic movie? Non-the-less Jamie Foxx won an oscar for his incredible acting job. Ray died before the movie as finished.

Watch Jamie bring Ray Charles to life using his own voice:

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Larenz Tate hit the mother-load,  had 3 wives, Halle Berry, Vivica A. Foxx and Lela Rochon. He battled a serious drug addiction and an uncontrollable temper.  His life was short-lived but the movie was good as h*ll!

Whats Love Got To Do With It?

The biopic/ musical of Tina Turner’s rise to fame with crazy “woman beater” Ike will leave you in tears and keep you tapping your feet with her rendition of Rock N’ Roll/ R&B. Did you all hate Ike as much as I did, after the movie?

The infamous “Eat the cake Anna Mae” scene:

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