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This artist will one of the few that break barriers for Columbus bread MC’s.

Lee Debro, better known as LeeDebonair, is a hip-hop artist originating from the east side of Columbus, Ohio. His clever wordplay, savvy metaphors and profound articulation gives LeeDebonair a distinct sense of style. Power 107.5, a local Columbus radio station said, “Local MC on the rise Debonair is becoming a regular stand out in the local Hip Hop scene and is getting National recognition at the same time.” On his exponential rise from local talent to national exposure, LeeDebonair continues to challenge himself by rhythmically expressing his compassion for music and everyday experiences.

LeeDebonair has just finished his third mixtape titled “Cruel Summer”, which is to be released June 2010. Although classified as a mixtape, “Cruel Summer” consists of more than two thirds original music, including the hit singles “24 Hours” and “Standing on Couches”. In efforts to promote his latest project, LeeDebonair has performed at numerous venues throughout Columbus, and will continue his shows across Ohio and the Midwest this summer.

The art of music and the keen sounds of hip-hop gravitated to the ears of LeeDebonair at a very early age. Taking a liking to emcees such as Slick Rick and Redman fueled his desire to learn to rap. Ironically, it wasn’t until 2002 when LeeDebonair fully discovered his potential to write and recite lyrics. He spent the next several years honing his craft and released two volumes of mixtapes, respectfully titled “In a Class All By Myself”. “Cruel Summer” boasts the growth and respect that LeeDebonair has for music and his listeners. In addition, the platform that has been created has allowed LeeDebonair to begin to reach his ultimate goal of simply being heard.

Undoubtedly, the efforts of LeeDebonair and his team have not gone unrecognized. The attention from the media, dj’s and fans surrounding “Cruel Summer” has generated a great momentum, which LeeDebonair will continue to energize. Throughout all his hard work and dedication, LeeDebonair has established his own identity, one that will soon have the masses taking a liking to him.