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Bernie’s Distillery

If hip hop is your thing, Bernie’s on Sunday nights is the place to be. Bernie’s Distillery, located at 16th Avenue and High Street, has hosted a hip hop night every Sunday for the past 12 years.

Like clockwork, people stream into the basement bar anxious to hear their favorite beats. The scene also attracts a slew of break dancers ready to show off their moves.

Hip Hop at Bernie’s has hosted every style of hip hop. From great competition DJ’s such as DJ Drastic and the late DJ PRZM, to upcoming artists like Columbus’ own NIQ, if you have talent you were able to rock the crowd in the basement. Bernie’s grunge feel and underground appeal makes it a perfect venue to experience hip hop in it’s most raw form. Heads nodding, breakdancing, and rocking the mic are standard. National hip hop artists such as RJD2 and Blueprint have made their start rocking crowds in this local dive.

We celebrate one of the hubs of hip hop in Columbus.