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Written by Armond X Goss

DeCarlos ‘Cos’ Waller has been avoiding clichés, boxes and labels his entire career. Spending 15 years as a musician in front of the bright lights as well as behind the scenes, Cos has been exposed to the ins, outs, highs, and lows of both the gospel and secular music industries. Cos’ career has allowed him to share the stage alongside musicians such as Ginuwine, Jesse Powell, Israel Haughton, Men of Standard & The Roots. In addition, he has performed at the famed Apollo Theatre. In 2009, Cos released his album “Speechless” which can best be described as a superhero hybrid of musicianship. Imagine Batman’s tools, Superman’s strength, and The Flash’s speed; that is “Speechless”; an eccletic mix of traditional gospel, r&b, pop, country, contemporary, and hip-hop. Here we take a brief look inside the mind of Cos and attempt to vocalize what up until now has been.speechless.

Your album Speechless is very difficult to place in one genre? Was that your goal?

Yes because music is an extension of the artist and my music didn’t fall into any one genre.

How do you feel about people being so quick to label artists?

It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s human nature to place people, especially artists, into some kind of category.

Your music has such a wide array of instrumentation. Describe how you come up with your songs?

It depends on how I feel, the song is put together in my head before its done…more or less it’s God that gives me the songs.

How long have you lived in Columbus?

13 years, I’m originally from Maryland.

What do you love/hate about the city?

I love that Columbus is not too city like New York or to country…it’s a perfect mix. I hate that it seems to be such a tough market to excel in.

Describe the Ohio/Midwest music scene & what you see in it (good & bad).

There is a lot of great untapped talent here, but no one wants to help anyone, everyone just wants to be in the forefront.

Give some advice to any up & coming artists who feel a music ministry calling on their life.

Stay close to God and don’t listen to people cause people will build you and up to break you down, but God won’t.

How do you see Christian music fitting in today’s violent, sexed up music industry?

I don’t…that’s why my music doesn’t fit into any one genre. Christian music only appeals to Christians and not those in the violent sexed up world.

What is success to Cos? And have you obtained the level of success you desire yet?

Success for me is to really do my music full time for God and no I haven’t reached it yet. However I do own my own studio where I’m able to work on music anytime I’d like and also lend a hand out to other artists to help them perfect their craft.

Talk about your most memorable performance & why it stuck out.

At D’light Lounge about 2 years ago because it was when God really strengthened my prophetic gift. The Holy Spirit began to move during the performance & deliver people from their afflictions. Incredible night.

Describe your style musically. Influences, etc.

Very versatile . . .I have influences from gospel, rock, R&B, contemporary, alternative and choral music.

What do you think is the redeeming factor in your music?

The fact that it’s real, it comes from who I am and what I have been through. I called my album Speechless because I’d much rather show you what God has done instead of tell you.

Your songs are very transparent. How easy is it to talk about your own experiences? It’s easy to talk about. Does it ever become uncomfortable?

Not at all. Nobody is exempt from hurt.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your walk so far?

No matter what you have seen you haven’t seen everything or no matter what you know there is more to learn.

What’s next for Cos?

Getting prepared to travel the world and spread my music.

What are the 1st 3 things you do in the morning when you wake up?

What normal people do when they wake up I guess.

Favorite book in the Bible.why?

Revelation, because that’s where the devil gets his butt kicked!

What is something you could do all day every day & not get bored?

Play music – live instruments.

Name one place you’d like to visit that you haven’t yet?


Name your 3 favorite albums from any genre

Michael Jackson Thriller, Troop- Attitude, New Edition- NE Heart Break

Kobe or Lebron?

Lebron of course, come on!!!!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

When I got a jheri curl. My hair fell out and I had to go to school the next day.

What’s one thing about you that nobody else knows?

I’m an undercover nerd!!!

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