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Here are 7 facts about the hilarious Martin Lawrence!


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1. Army Brat

Army Brat

Martin Lawrence was born in Frankfurt, Germany on April 16, 1965, His dad served in the U.S. Military and he left the family when he was 8-years-old.


2. A teacher’s push

A teacher’s push

Lawrence was really good at comedy and boxing. Even though he was very good at both his teacher encouraged him to jump into comedy.


3. Richard Pryor Inspiration

Richard Pryor Inspiration

Richard Pryor was his comedic inspiration. As a kid, he watched Pryor all the time.


4. Banned From NBC

Banned From NBC

After hosting”Saturday Night Live” in 1994, Lawrence was banned from the show for telling sex jokes. The network banned him for years.

5. Namesake


He was named after civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and U.S. President John F. Kennedy.


6. Tracy Morgan

Lawrence was a mentor to Tracy Morgan.

7. Love Life

Love Life

He got married to Patricia Southall in 1997 and had a daughter. The two divorced in 1997. He then had a relationship with Shamicka Gibbs and married on July 10, 2010.