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Jamilah Lemieux, our VP of News and Men’s Programming, pens a letter of gratitude to those who made a tough year so much easier to survive.   To the Nominees… We entered 2016 with the understanding that we were stepping into the final months of the Obama presidency; the tributes and reflections would be consistent […]

Tom Joyner

  They did it again and now the world knows according to Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List. The magazine states the royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce Carter earned a combined total of $107.5 million dollars in the last year. Now that’s what you call raking in the dough! Beyoncé made more than her hubby with $54 million in […]

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  Beyoncé spends about half of her life in expensive gowns, so when her mother, Tina Knowles, revealed her daughter’s true feelings about her wedding day dress in a new interview, we were all ears. Knowles, who is responsible for some of her daughter’s most famous looks, took it for granted that she would be making the dress […]

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  Beyoncé‘s LEMONADE took the world by storm, with fans marveling over the imagery and the message ever since the first teaser dropped for the visual album. But one person who watched the trailer for the HBO special when it first dropped saw something disturbingly familiar. Now a man has come forward to state that much of that […]

It’s almost the end of the work week and HERE is where you ought to be. Let ‘Love And R&B’ take you into Friday with the #ThursdayNightSpecial and great discussion with the nightly scenario. Tonight’s keyword is “Love” so stay tuned at 8pm for a playlist of songs that include this special word. Right after […]

There’s no denying how huge Black History Month was this year. In fact, the cosmos even treated us to the gift of a leap year, giving us one more day for celebration. While looking back on February, there were moments that shifted the conversation surrounding Black Pride among Hollywood, politics, and television. From Beyonce’s Black […]

Rowland turned 35 on Feb 11, and celebrated the milestone occasion with bestie Beyoncé in Los Angeles.