Should couples wear masks during sex? Is the corona virus passed through sex? That’s what researchers are saying, they also added that you should avoid kissing too.   According to the, researchers from Harvard University who studied the risks of passing corona virus through sex now say that couples should wear mask during intercourse. […]

Maybe the key to a solid relationship has always been spending time apart! Ella Mae just had us singing about being boo’d up, now look what’s happening. According to a new survey, one in eight people who are currently locked down with their partner say it’s causing them to have some DOUBTS about the relationship. […]

Are you single on Valentine’s day and trying to figure out how to cope? It’s really not so bad and their are tons of ways to get your self successfully through this lovers holiday. If your rolling solo today or even hanging out with a group of your single girlfriends, here are a few tips […]

We have seen them take over Instagram with their adorable baby boy Lexington and Cyn Santana with her musical performances on her story. Now we will see them as a couple on season 9 of Love and Hip Hop New York, set to start November 26th on Vh1! It has been over 4 years since […]


I mean a free wedding is a free wedding. Many people if they have a choice would pick a free wedding over starting off forever and ever being in debt. That’s what many couples in Columbus decided to do when they heard that the Scioto Audubon Metro Park was officiating free weddings to celebrate Earth Day on […]

These couples are so hot together, they set the red carpet on fire at the Academy Awards!


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Angelina and Brad called it quits, but we've still got some great celebrity couples to admire.

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Amazing news for the inspiring couple.

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His presence is making Wendy and the entire crew "miserable."