There isn’t anything new about a baby fake crying but that hasn’t stopped us from being obsessed with the viral video of an adorable baby…

It turns out women do cry more than men, but why? Listen to the audio player to hear the reason. Plus, find out just how often…

  Remember back in the day when nobody would dare step to Suge Knight?   Welp, it looks like those days are long gone, as he’s been shot, beat up, and consistently picked on for a while now. The former music mogul faced a judge on his recent robbery charges, where he allegedly stole a […]

It’s been no secret that Chris Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran have been caught in a true love triangle.  But no one involved has spoke about it until now.  Karrueche Tran recently tapped an interview on the new Keke Palmer talk show called Just Keke where she cried as she talked about the heartbreak of […]

Katt Williams you are having the worst week ever!!!!  An on stage melt down, slapping a Target employee,  a few fights & a arrest has led Katt Williams to cry on the news and announce his retirement all while wearing ski goggles! I’m not sure if he will follow through with this because he has […]

If you’ve followed Wendy’s radio show, you know Wendy offended Whoopi and her daughter. If you didn’t, Whoopi is one of the many people that Wendy dished the dirt on by saying things like Whoopi is ugly, looks like a monkey, and a drug user. She also said that her daughter, Alex, had a cocaine […]